Have I Ever Told You

written by Shani M. King, illustrated by Anna Horváth

how it happened… in 2017 a friend’s friend, Shani M. King searched me to illustrate his book based on a letter that he wrote to his kids… he just wanted to let them know how much they were loved, he wanted to encourage them, to give them a compass how to live a fulfilled and happy life… then he wanted to give the same tool to every other kids’ parents too… so he found out to write the whole story in a book… and he found me to make drawings to his text… we agreed to create a picture book that talk to every single children on this planet regardless of their colour, faith, rank or anything that divide us… that’s how the “hand” concept took form and that’s how “Have I Ever Told You” was born…

Winner in the
Children’s Picture Book
0-5 category.

Finalist in the
Children’s Picture Book
6 and Up category.

Winner in the
Book Cover Design
Children’s Picture category.

Finalist in the
Children’s Picture Book
Preschool category.

Gold medal in the
Moonbeam Spirit Awards
in the category of Compassion

have a sneak-a-peek in the book

Written by Shani M. King, illustrated by Anna Horváth

Have I Ever Told You

“A message of love and respect for self and others is charmingly conveyed.

With the wave of uncivil and hateful discourse washing over the country, it is no surprise to see children’s books pushing back against the trend. In this instance, an unseen adult speaks to an equally unseen child, reassuring them they can be anything they wish to be no matter what they look like or what language they speak. Always concluding with “Have I ever told you that?” the adult enumerates all the reasons the child is loved — from the mundane, such as “the way you get food on your forehead when you eat,” through the conversations they hold to “just by being you.” The narrator also wonders if they have told the child “that you should be kind to everyone and treat everyone with respect?” and lists the ways they can do this. The mixed-media illustrations go hand in hand with the text, literally. A series of hands — waving hello, holding a child, holding other hands, spelling out words — takes center stage. Drawn on textured paper, the hands are all different skin colors. The effect all together is uplifting and upbeat yet not saccharine.

An affirming message all children should hear from and, more importantly, discuss with an adult. “

Kirkus Review

“Honestly, this is the best children’s book I’ve ever read. Kind of like “The Giving Tree” but for a modern world. I wish I heard these words as a child, and I am so happy that my children will be exposed to it. I want my children to love themselves and treat others with love and respect. It’s so simple, but the book really drives these values home. I’ll admit I get chocked up reading it. I think I get as much out of it as my kids do.”
“Every page touched my heart, every page has an important, powerful, positive message. As a Principal of an Early Childhood Center, I feel blessed to have come across this literary gem for young children (and not so young too!). This book is a heartwarming “conversation starter”, the illustrations are superbly diverse. . . a MUST HAVE for all school libraries! This world need more “Have I Ever Told You?” moments.”
“All of life’s most important messages are expressed so beautifully in this wonderful book! It is great for kids of all ages. This afternoon, I read it to my four year old. Later in the evening, my seven year old asked to read it to me. I even left the book on my eleven year old’s nightstand, because I want him to absorb the important messages contained within these beautifully illustrated pages.

I highly recommend this book. I plan to read it to my children again and again, as the book’s words are so powerful, important, and relevant to their everyday lives.”

“If you have children, grandchildren, thinking about having children, this a a wonderful book to share and read with them. The pictures capture the wonderful words of encouragement and support, which every child, and I might add adults need. It is a message to share with all young and old.

A mother, grandmother and friend. Lee”

“A book with a great message and beautiful illustrations. It’s a great book to read to the children in your life.”
“What a beautiful story! I loved reading this to my kindergarten class! The beautiful words and incredible illustrations blew us all away. You need this book in your library!”