about Anna
Anna Horváth makes colorful and magical paintings full of surprising details, sinuous lines, and funny creatures. Her mission is to encourage children around her to use their imaginations and dare to see the world differently. Anna’s main inspirations are her kids, with their ideas and valuable critiques. She grew up beside her book-lover mom, who always encouraged her to live her dreams. Anna lives with her wonderful children and funny and brilliant husband in Switzerland, where during heavy winters she has to make the sun shine.

my goal is to bring colour in our everyday life

what I do


Painting is a passion, it heals you, it gives you joy and peace... you breath it deeply, and live in it... One night I started with a small idea and couldn't stop since then 🙂


Everybody had a favourite illustrated book that he or she watched over and over during his or her childhood. So did I... actually I had more and they are still with me... at least in my memories.


I was creating in my whole life. Anything and everything from small gifts to furniture painting, from ornaments and decorations to sewing, toys and doll houses for my kids and much more...
who am I

my original profession as written in my diplome is Master of Industrial Design Arts… well, by today luckily I have more art and less industry in my life...

Anna Horváth

Since my son was born, I’m working at home… paintings, illustrations, graphic design, furniture design, interior design, home decorations, toys and many other stuffs all around me, my family and my friends.

A few years ago we decided to move from Hungary to Switzerland where my husband was invited to work. Now we’re living in this beautiful country, where beside taking care of my beautiful kids I had the chance to develop myself as an artist. Now that’s my main profession… I’m working in full time as an independent artist: painting, illustration, stage set design, sculptures, small objects, costume design, graphic design, art teaching and so on… the possibilities are endless.


"earth without art is just eh"
let me show you my latest creations